How This Works

How would you like it if we guaranteed that you will find the lowest price for

  • hotel and
  • flight bookings

right here?

Well, that is exactly what we are doing! We guarantee it!

You see, we can make such a bold claim because we know we have the best data material there is to be had. When you ask us a question like

“Show me the accommodations in New York City on a certain date for 2 adults. The rooms should have a nice view and the location should be in the region of the Central Park…”

then we match your preferences with the qualities and properties of the hotels in the data base. Winners get pulled out. Now we have hotels that match your search.

We then query a multitude of travel and booking agencies and obtain live availability and pricing information. The offers we show you in the resulting list are therefore totally relevant to your search and contain the full range of competing offers.

Instead of having to look at 30 different websites or more, you get the full range of information from using TopTravelDiscount.COM! You can compare pricing and get the best deal always!