Paris Travel Reports

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This is a collection of various people having travelled Paris and reporting back.

Paris is of course well recognized as the “Town of Love”. Trip reports enthuse about tourist attractions such as the Champs-Élysées, the Structure of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral. In the travel reports we are told that the French cuisine is especially scrumptious and exquisite. In the restaurants you may identify dishes that appeal, whatever your cooking fancy, from haute cuisine to affordable restaurant fare. Among fashion followers, Paris is an insider tip, for according to the trip reports the town on the Seine offers not simply places of interest but also various fashion boutiques, which additionally sell ready-to-wear garments from prominent fashion residences. Explore the amazing globe of Amélie by following her steps!


A Week in Paris

(Extract from a report from eurotriptips)

My experience in Paris was, to place it in a considerate means, remarkable, but certainly not in the means I will have hoped.

Parisians have a somewhat solid reputation that precedes them around the world; I anticipated rudeness, terminology concerns and bad weather condition. However I was surprised at precisely how out of proportions all those requirements actually were.

Paris. It does has an extremely pleasant ring to it. Town of lights. Amélie Poulain. Economical wine. Pricey designers. Rated as one of the most romantic spots ever before. Right.

As I got off the Eurostar in Gare du Nord, I browsed for Métro ticket machines in order to get to my resort, which was almost on the other side of the town. Finding none that was in fact working, I choose to queue and hang around for a till to open– I waited 45 minutes. That still impresses me today: exactly how can a worldwide train station not deliver working equipments (or permanent clerks) for Métro people? There were roughly 100 pissed individuals hanging around to purchase tickets and may their hotel, consisting of me. When I finally got the possibility to go ahead, the clerk advised me that the weekly pass is 16, which was reduced than I anticipated. I advised him I was amazed at exactly how affordable it was and considering I had actually simply saved 5, I was all smiles. His answer was plain and remarkably well-mannered: “That’s since we pay them with our taxes”. Hum. I was lured to remind him that my only presence in Paris was most likely going to cost as much as his regular wage and therefore I was very much paying him myself– inner poise, inner poise. If I had actually spoken, it will have actually probably escalated in a very humiliating public argument (by having yelling and staring and most certainly swearing at some point), and I will have actually wound up with no ticket at all stuck in Gare du Nord that includes that jerk. Peace was my ally, even though I resembled a total fool disregarding his comment.

One of the several reasons why I expected a lot from Paris was due to the fact that we, French Canadians, and the French, call one another cousins, feeling that we are in some way still related 400 years after colonisation. But truly, all we have in common is our foreign language and yet we evidently do not recognize one an additional effectively (although if you ask me, they are the ones not wishing to comprehend us, or anybody else, for that matter). A buddy of mine says that it’s an entirely different world outside the maleficent ring road of Ile-de-France, to be fair. I expected to discover a ton even more of my social heritage in Paris than I in fact did, specifically regarding my foreign language.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Paris by Anne Gauthier

After a brief terminology event in McDonald’s (evidently French McDonald’s personnel don’t also speak French anymore, English has taken over), a bistro waiter asked me exactly what I would want to order, in French, to which I answer in perfectly distinct French. His reaction was to ask me exactly what foreign language I speak and put on a blank stare, examining me like I had actually merely blurted out some Japanese slang. From that point on, I just spoke English– it truly was the simplest method to be understood, unfortunately.

This all taken place on the first day, within the first few hrs. I was off to an excellent start. Seven more days to go. Yay.